Jeffrey Epstein Details From James Patterson’s 2017 Book


James Patterson’s 2017 book on Jeffrey Epstein.
Photo: Grand Central Publishing

In 2017, the master of mass-market thrillers, James Patterson, focused his attention on his Palm Beach neighbor Jeffrey Epstein for the true-crime book Filthy Rich. With the help of John Connolly, an investigative reporter and former cop, and Tim Malloy, a former Palm Beach news anchor, Patterson takes readers through the investigation and legal maneuvering that ended with Epstein pleading guilty to two charges of solicitation (one with a minor) in 2008.

Many strange and disturbing Epstein facts have been rehashed this week, following the new federal charges filed against him in New York, but somehow there’s still more. Here, the weirdest and most interesting details reported in Patterson’s book.

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