‘The Kill Team’ A24 Trailer


Auteur-driven studio A24 has released the first trailer for its upcoming film, The Kill Team, which stars Alexander Skarsgård and Nat Wolff.

Adapted from a 2013 documentary of the same name, The Kill Team is a gripping look at the War on Terror, which has propelled the U.S. into war with Afghanistan and Iraq. The film will centre around a young soldier named Adam (portrayed by Disney star Nat Wolff) who is deployed to Afghanistan and thrown into a culture of obedience and outright murder. He soon witnesses the killing of innocent civilians under the direction of his commanding officer Sergeant Deeks (Skarsgård), who also displays a streak of psychopathy. He must then decide if he wants to keep his head down or become a whistle blower.

Directed and written by Dan Krauss, The Kill Team made its debut earlier this year at the Tribeca Film Festival and will hit theaters on October 25, 2019. The film also stars Adam Long, Jonathan Whitesell, Brian Marc, Oliver Ritchie, Zackary Momoh, and Osy Ikhile.

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