Ben Affleck Allegedly Fighting With Jennifer Lopez Over Engagement And Schedules, Unreliable Reports Say


Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have dated for the better part of 2021. Their reunion has set nostalgic hearts soaring, but all may not be as well as it seems. Reports continue to trickle out that they’re secretly fighting behind closed doors.

Is the relationship already on the rocks? Does Lopez live in fear of a breakup? What does the gym have to do with any of this? Here are some stories Gossip Cop has encountered about Affleck and Lopez splitting apart.

He Won’t Go To The Gym

Per OK!, Lopez has a hard time getting Affleck into a fitness regiment. The Gone Girl star “is a certified bedhead and not a morning person at all,” a pal says. Another insider says, “Ben refuses to be dragged to the gym, and Jen’s going to have a hell of a time getting him to change that.” Affleck can only get up early to send his kids to school, but that courtesy does not extend to Lopez.

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Cruisin’ For A Breakup

Meanwhile, Life & Style reported Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are coming back down to earth. The long-distance romance is starting to take its toll. “Ben has a lot of obligations that have made him put his relationship with J. Lo on the back burner and it’s made for some trouble in paradise,” a source reveals. 

Lopez is willing to fly around to world just to see her Gigli co-star, but he’s not willing to do the same to her. It’s causing Lopez to reflect on their 2004 split. An insider explains, “There are some serious issues that are still there for J. Lo in this relationship. She is not sure she can fully believe in Ben after his past mistakes.”

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Lopez Lives In Fear

OK! agrees that distance is wreaking havoc. Lopez and Affleck are in demand, and their shooting schedules aren’t lining up. An insider says Lopez “fears that he’s growing distant and has been pressuring him big time to pop the question.” She would like him to make it official with a ring or just get the breakup over with, but an insider says the Hustlers star is “determined to have a happy ending this time around.”

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