Bethany Joy Lenz Once Had Dreams About James Lafferty While Filming ‘One Tree Hill’


Bethany Joy Lenz is opening up about how she once dreamt about James Lafferty during their One Tree Hill days.

The 40-year-old actress recounted her experiences during the Drama Queens podcast with Hilarie Burton and Sophia Bush.

Click inside to see what Bethany shared about dreaming about James…

“James and I always got on really well, but he was a lot younger than me. It just didn’t really occur to me to have personal, romantic feelings for him,” Bethany shared in conversation with Sophia and Hilarie.

She added, “But as the show went on and the more time we spent together, I would totally have, like, a romantic dream about him and wake up and be like, ‘Oh! Wow, that was interesting.’”

Bethany and James played Haley and Nathan Scott, who married in high school and by the end of the series, had two children together.

“We’re kissing all day!” Bethany recalled. “We’re, like, making out and being all lovey-dovey, of course it’s gonna work its way into your subconscious. But we never ever got together in real life and that’s, honestly, probably what kept the chemistry alive onscreen for so long.”

On the podcast, Hilarie recently opened up about filming one inappropriate scene.

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