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A symbolic figurehead, they said. No real power in the parliamentary realpolitik, they said. Well Queen Elizabeth II will bury them all. Because of the ongoing parliamentary shenanigans over the Brexit deal – which everybody hates and didn’t pass Parliament – it’s possible that the Queen could literally ride up to Parliament on a bejeweled horse and tell all of the MPs to go home, and that they weren’t in charge of jacksh-t anymore. DO IT KWEEN.

The Queen could be forced to intervene to ensure Brexit happens, Jacob Rees-Mogg suggested today. The hard-right Tory made the over-the-top claim at a packed meeting in Westminster – adding it’d be a “constitutional crisis”. Mr Rees-Mogg spoke over reports the Queen could be dragged in to the current Parliamentary battle over Brexit.

MPs are planning to tear up precedent and put forward their own laws to delay the 29 March date of Brexit. So experts have claimed Theresa May could use a “constitutional veto” – by asking the Queen not to give those Bills Royal Assent. Today Mr Rees-Mogg had another suggestion: that the Queen might be asked to break up Parliament early.

‘Proroguing’ the Commons would mean MPs were physically unable to pass any more laws and No Deal would happen by default. Speaking to the hard-right Conservative Bruges Group The Tory Leaver said: “I hope it will not be necessary for Her Majesty’s stay at Sandringham to be interrupted for her in person to prorogue Parliament. We do not want that sort of constitutional crisis, we want to observe the constitutional norms.”

[From The Daily Mirror]

I read “proroguing” as “progging” and “porro-guing”. I assume it’s PRO-roguing? That’s what Google says, so now I’m going to be saying that word to myself all day. What are you doing? PROROGUING. Prorogue that bitch. Basically, proroguing is just as they explained above – it’s where the monarch just shuts down Parliament and tells them they can’t legislate anymore. Apparently, Queen Elizabeth I did it 26 times. It was quite common in the Tudor era. It wouldn’t even be the first time QEII did it either. Huh.

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