Katy Perry Reveals Her and Orlando Bloom’s Favorite Songs on Her New Album


Katy Perry opened up about her upcoming album, Smile, with fans on Sunday (Aug. 2), during her first #SmileSunday livestream Q&A. Not surprisingly, there were numerous questions about her new album, which Perry delayed the release of by two weeks.

Perry, who is expecting her first child with fiance Orlando Bloom, dished on the music, telling fans that the new songs “all mean different things.” However, there are a few standouts for her.

“‘What Makes a Woman’ is one of my favorite songs on the album,” she revealed to fans. “It’s a great song about how women are so versatile and adaptable and incredible, and I’m realizing a new layer of that right now as I create life.”

“I like the sonic landscape of the song because it’s a little more acoustic, and I’d love to go more in that direction in the future,” she added of the tune, which the artist said will be the last track on the album. “Maybe that ending is just a beginning, you know what I’m saying?”

Another one she loves? The second track, “Cry About It Later.” “It’s a great song because it’s kind of … there’s a lot of thoughtful empowering songs on the record, but this one is, you know, sometimes you need to have a couple of drinks to not think about who you’re trying to get over — and think about who you’re trying to get under!” joked Perry, who recently headlined Tomorrowland’s virtual festival.

As for Bloom, who popped in briefly to say hello to the singer’s fans and give her a kiss, his favorite is “Daisies.” But, added Perry, the actor also has a soft spot for another tune. “I think he really likes ‘Never Worn White,'” she shared. (Perry revealed her baby bump for the first time in the song’s video.) “That song I think was perfect for revealing the good news, but I think it was a standalone, so it’s not on the whole record, but that was one of his favorite songs.”

Fans also asked Perry to reveal the tracklist, but she declined. She did, however, note that there are 12 songs — “nine you haven’t heard of.” Perry did share that “Never Really Over” is the first tune, “Cry About It Later” is No. 2, and “What Makes a Woman” is the last. She also mentioned songs “Resilient,” “Only Love” and “It’s Not the End of the World.” And there is, of course, the title track as well.

For those wanting to know more about the tracklist, Perry teased that there’s a hint on one of the merch items. “A piece of merchandise has the tracklisting on it,” she noted before clarifying that not the entire tracklist is on the item. “You just haven’t found it yet, have ya? A little Easter egg for you!”

Smile was originally slated for release Aug. 14, but has been pushed back to Aug. 28 due to production delays. Perry kicked off #SmileSunday — which will happen each week — to help fans pass the time until the album’s arrival.

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