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What problems? Tiny’s done doubting T.I. after their marriage woes, and she’s even giving him some space to chill in Atlanta before the Super Bowl, we’ve learned exclusively!

It would be understandable if Tiny Harris wanted T.I. in her line of sight 24/7 during Super Bowl weekend, but that’s actually not the case. Despite the fact that his one-time mistress, Bernice Burgos, is hanging out in Atlanta before the big game, Tiny trusts her husband not to make the same mistake again. “Tiny is playing it very cool this weekend and letting Tip have his space,” a source close to the Xscape singer told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “They will be sleeping in the same bed every night, but she won’t be glued to his side. She doesn’t feel like she has to do that, which is such a relief.”

We would feel relieved, too! Plus, Tiny’s too busy making money moves to really fixate on what T.I.’s doing, even if she wanted to, the source said. “She’s so busy with all her business ventures over this weekend.  It’s a big weekend for making money in Atlanta and Tiny’s laser focused on securing the bag.” They really aren’t kidding when they say that she’s got a lot going on. Super Bowl weekend alone, Tiny did a pop-up shop at Rasheeda Frost‘s boutique, Pressed, to promote her perfume and baby Heiress’ nail polish line. She filmed for the next season of her show, and had to get over to her juice bar, Get Da Juice.

Woman’s busy! And T.I. apparently likes that. “Her drive and her confidence always make her more attractive to T.I. so she’s making the right move for her marriage by putting herself first and not obsessing over him,” the source noted. We’re glad that these two are working things out! It sounds like they’re in a good place.

HollywoodLife reached out to Tiny’s rep for comment but did not immediately hear back.

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