Randy Rainbow Goes in Search of President Trump in ‘Bunker Boy’ Video: Watch


Randy Rainbow is searching high and low for President Trump in his hilarious new parody video.

Randy’s latest song, titled “The Bunker Boy,” is a reference to a social media nickname given to the president after he denied being rushed to an underground White House bunker amid recent protests in Washington, D.C., following the death of George Floyd.

Set to the jazzy tune of “The Jitterbug,” a song cut from the 1939 classic film The Wizard of Oz, “The Bunker Boy” follows the neatly dressed comedian as he frantically searches for President Trump in the White House. The president later turns up hiding behind a thick door and peering through a small piece of glass.

“Guess who’s hiding in the basement, it’s that coward, the Bunker Boy,” Randy sings in front of the White House logo. “A commander in chief might address all the grief, and what’s happening out in the streets, but he’s only a clown so he hides underground, and he sits on the toilet and tweets.”

“The Bunker Boy” is one of 30-plus politically charged parody videos Randy has shared in recent years. The videos began as mock interviews with politicians and celebrities, and eventually transformed into parody music clips based on Broadway tunes and pop hits.

Watch Randy’s hilarious new “The Bunker Boy” video below.

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